Stranger Reads: Books to check out if you love “Stranger Things”

It’s almost that time! Yes, Stranger Things season 2 is almost upon us, as is Halloween! If you are just as excited as I am, you might be wanting even more to sate your thirst for the strange, the paranormal, or maybe even just the 80s nostalgia. If you love Stranger Things, try checking out these Stranger Reads this Halloween!

Darkness on the Edge of Town by Brian Keene (2010)

Darkness on the Edge of Town

If you like the small-town setting and general creepy, suspenseful tone of Stranger Things, try Darkness on the Edge of Town by Brian Keene:

“When the residents of Walden, Virginia, wake up to find that the rest of the world is gone and they are unable to leave their town, which is now surrounded by a mysterious barrier, some are willing to risk death to escape the situation.” -NoveList

Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan (2016-present)

paper girls

If it’s the 80s nostalgia and spunky characters you love, then the comic book series Paper Girls is exactly what you need.

“Supernatural mysteries and suburban drama collide in the early hours after the Halloween of 1988 for four twelve-year-old newspaper delivery girls.” -NoveList

The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue (2014)

the boy who drew monsters

A young boy who has knowledge of strange things and has to come of age in the process… sound familiar?

“Emotionally scarred by a near-drowning experience, young Jack Keenan spends all his time indoors, fanatically preoccupied with drawing strange things. While Jack’s parents chalk his drawings up to the imagination, Nick, Jack’s only friend, notices mysterious things happen whenever Jack picks up a pencil. This detailed coming-of-age tale with a twist offers unique insights into boyhood friendships and the complexities of adult relationships.” -NoveList

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill (2013)

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

A mother desperately wanting her missing son back from creepyland also sound familiar? With a mother-son relationship at its core, this epic horror page-turner will never let you see Christmas the same way again…

“When Charles Talent Manx, an unstoppable monster who transforms children into his own terrifying likeness, kidnaps her son, Victoria McQueen, the only person to ever escape his unmitigated evil, must engage in a life-and-death battle of wills to get her son back.” -NoveList

The Cemetery Boys by Zac Brewer (2015)

The Cemetary Boys

For the young adults or young-at-heart among us, try this tale of friendship that will remind you of those crazy kids in Stranger Things… oh yeah, plus there’s paranormal creatures.

“When Stephen moves to the midwestern town where his father grew up, he quickly falls in with punk girl Cara and her charismatic twin brother, Devon, but the town has a dark secret, and the twins are caught in the middle of it.” -NoveList

As always, if you’re looking for even more, stop by the 3rd floor reference desk and ask a librarian!



Check Out These Recent Additions Of Horror Fiction To Our Collection!

The Fountaindale Public Library District has recently added some great books to our collection that are a must for horror fans. Here are a few that are worth checking out!

Last of the Albatwitches by Brian Keene

Last albatwitches

The first story is The Witching TreeIn the woods of Pennsylvania there is a clearing with only one lone tree in the center. And from that tree, there comes only death. The second story is The Last of the AlbatwitchesThere’s an old legend about the forest surrounding Chickies Rock – how it’s the home to a reclusive race of Sasquatch-like creatures known as the Albatwitches. But after a recent murder, ex-Amish occult detective Levi Stoltzfus suspects there might be some truth to the stories. Brian Keene does it again!


The Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World by Brian Keene


Those familiar with Mr. Keene’s two zombie books, The Rising and City of the Dead should not miss this. This is a collection of short stories set in the world of The Rising, examining the arrival of the first zombie, the fall of mankind, and the terrifying events that occur after City of the Dead’s conclusion. This book is horror at its best, brutal and visceral.  If you are a fan of Keene’s zombie mythos, you cannot miss this book!


Flu by Wayne Simmons


A deadly strain of flu mutates, causing the deaths of millions throughout Ireland and the world. But the infected don’t stay dead for long, rising up to become flesh-eating monsters. And the virus is airborne. Anyone can become infected. Irish born author Wayne Simmons writes a riveting tale of zombies, the military and the people struggling to stay alive.  Read it with the lights on…… seriously…..


The Infection by Craig DiLouie


A mysterious virus suddenly strikes down millions. Three days later, its victims awake with a single purpose: spread the Infection. As the world lurches toward the apocalypse, some of the Infected continue to change, transforming into horrific monsters. Craig DiLouie recently wrote the fantastic Suffer the Children. This is one of his earlier works which is followed by the sequel, The Killing Floor, which we own as well.

 These authors are not as well-known as a Stephen King or a Dean Koontz, but once you read these you will want to read more by them. I have read these books and I can attest they are horror at its best.

— Christine

May Horror Book Club: Sympathy for the Devil??

joe-hill-horns-book-coverIg Perrish wakes up hungover after a night of drinking and “doing terrible things” to find two strange growths on his head. They look like horns, but things like that just don’t happen. In addition to being ugly and unsettling, the horns give Ig an equally ugly power, he can make people admit their innermost thoughts and deeds (intimate, embarrassing, I-can’t-believe-you-just-said-that details). But this bizarre turn of events is of particular use to Ig, who is still grieving over the horrible murder of his childhood sweetheart, an act that the entire town, including his family, believes he committed.

Please join us on Wednesday May 13th at 7pm for Horror Book Club when we will be discussing Horns by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King. We meet in the board room and treats will be provided. If you saw the movie with Daniel Radcliffe, read the book!

If you are interested copies of the book are available at our third floor service desk or call 630-685-4176. Hope to see you there!

— Christine

horns diver

April Horror Book Club — Evil Creeps into Town

salem's lot 3Writer Ben Mears has returned to his home town of Jerusalem’s Lot. As a child, he had a traumatic experience in the Marsten house, an old abandoned house that has long since been the subject of rumors and fear. He hopes to write about it and is surprised when someone buys the house. Little does he know, that quietly, an unspeakable evil has come to town and its heart rests in the Marsten House. Soon people are dying and their bodies are disappearing. Ben has to set aside his doubt and unbelief, stop saying can’t and say can.

Please join us on Wednesday, April 8th at 7pm for the meeting of the Horror Book Club when we will discuss an old (but still
scary) classic, Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. We meet in the second floor boardroom. Light refreshments will be provided. If you are interested, copies of the book are available at the third floor Information desk or call 630-685-4176.

— Christine


March Horror Book Club- Suffer the Parents

SuffertheChildren_Cover-200x300Just how far would you go for the ones you love? A mysterious disease kills all the world’s children, but something happens…. they come back to life. One problem, they have an insatiable hunger for blood, fresh blood. Parents, thrilled that their children are back, scramble to find whatever they can to keep them alive. Blood banks are heavily guarded, hospitals too…. but supplies start to dwindle, things get desperate. Society is going to hell in a handbasket….

Please join us on Wednesday March 11th at 7pm for the Horror Book club where we will be discussing Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie which was just nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. We meet in our board room on the second floor and goodies will be provided. No need to register. If you would like a copy of the book, please call 630-685-4176 or stop in at our third floor reference desk. Hope to see you there.

— Christine


February Horror Book Club – Who’s Calling?


The night before Olivia James is moving back to her childhood home in Tennessee, her brother calls her. but there is one a problem… he died just weeks before. Once back home, her young daughter Teddy seems troubled, telling her mother that she’s being visited by a menacing ghost. Does it have anything to do with her brother’s warning? After someone else close to her dies, Olivia must ask herself if ghosts really exist and if they do, just how evil are they?

Please join us on Wednesday, February 11th at 7pm for our monthly meeting of the Horror Book Club when we will discuss The Piper by Lynn Hightower. We will meet in our second floor board room and treats will be served. If you would like a copy of the book, just stop by our 3rd floor reference desk. No sign up needed, drop ins welcome. Questions? Please call Christine at 630-685-4173. Hope to see you there! 

— Christine


January Horror Book Club- It’s No Vacation


Its the Near Future, a global crisis has caused crops to fail and whole species to disappear off the earth. Even worse are the groups of humans around the world who suddenly become predators, feeding off their own kind. They call them “Can Heads” and the threat is so great that fences, gated compounds and SWAT-style police protection becomes necessary to live.

After one Can Head attack leaves NYPD cop Jack Murphy wounded, he takes his family on a much needed vacation to Paterville, a camp where families can still swim, take boats out on a lake and eat fresh foods…. but something is off at this camp. Its not the vacation Jack was hoping for and its going to get worse.

Please join us for the January meeting of the Horror Book Club on Wednesday, January 14th at 7pm, when we will discuss Vacation by Matthew Costello. We meet in the second floor board room. Copies of the book can be found at the 3rd floor reference desk. Goodies will be provided. Questions? Please call us at 630-685-4176. No sign up is necessary. Hope to see you there!