January Horror Book Club- It’s No Vacation


Its the Near Future, a global crisis has caused crops to fail and whole species to disappear off the earth. Even worse are the groups of humans around the world who suddenly become predators, feeding off their own kind. They call them “Can Heads” and the threat is so great that fences, gated compounds and SWAT-style police protection becomes necessary to live.

After one Can Head attack leaves NYPD cop Jack Murphy wounded, he takes his family on a much needed vacation to Paterville, a camp where families can still swim, take boats out on a lake and eat fresh foods…. but something is off at this camp. Its not the vacation Jack was hoping for and its going to get worse.

Please join us for the January meeting of the Horror Book Club on Wednesday, January 14th at 7pm, when we will discuss Vacation by Matthew Costello. We meet in the second floor board room. Copies of the book can be found at the 3rd floor reference desk. Goodies will be provided. Questions? Please call us at 630-685-4176. No sign up is necessary. Hope to see you there!


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