Top Ten Tuesday: Books and Movies to Get Into the Halloween Spirit

It has been awhile, but I’m back with another Top Ten Tuesday, just in time for Halloween!  Every Tuesday, The Broke and the Bookish blog posts a new Top Ten list and invites its users to participate.  This week’s Top Ten is “Top Ten Books and Movies to Get Into the Halloween Spirit.”  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but this year I just haven’t been in the mood to decorate. Maybe these books and movies will get me into the “spirit” of the holiday.

Movies (I like the classics – not the gore)

The Crow (The only non classic and some gore, but I do watch it every Halloween night) A man comes back alive and seeks revenge on the gang that killed him and his girlfriend.

Nightmare Before Christmas – a skeleton taking over Christmas? kind of like the Hogfather (best Christmas movie ever)

The Fly (or anything with Vincent Price) come on – the creepy voice at the end – “Help me! Help me!”

Abbott and Costello in Hold That Ghost – Hey Abbott…..

and who can forget…

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


The Cask of the Amontillado (or anything by Edgar Allan Poe) What could be scarier than being walled up alive?

Stephen King’s Carrie – His first book about a girl who ends up killing her tormentors with her mind tricks…

Bethany Griffin’s The Fall – Very creepy old house and an Edgar Allen Poe retelling. I haven’t read it yet, but I can’t wait!

The Fall

Neil Gaiman’s Coraline – Kids being kidnapped, fake parents, escaping from an alternate world

and for the nonfiction fans…

Erik Larson’s The Devil In the White City  – Murder, Mayhem, and Chicago

That’s my list. Boy it was hard to pick my favorites of the movies. I could do an entire blog just about my favorite Halloween movies. Well, there’s always next year!

– Lynnette

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