November Horror Book Club: Campfire Tales Gone Horribly Wrong.

troop 1Every year Scoutmaster Tim Riggs leads his  troop of five boys into the isolated Canadian wilderness for a 3 day camp trip. This year should be no different, but it is. Late at night, a stranger shows up at the campsite, an emaciated, pale, and VERY hungry stranger. What they encounter is more horrifying then any campfire story… Described as part 28 Days Later and part Lord of the Flies, it starts as an ordinary camping trip turns into a fight against the elements, the infected and each other.

Please join us on Wednesday, November 12th at 7pm for the monthly meeting of the Horror Book Club when we will be discussing The Troop the debut novel by Nick Cutter. We will meet in our board room and treats will be provided. For a copy of the book, visit our 3rd floor Information desk or call 630-685-4176.


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