September Horror Book Club Selection

day by dayThe news starts to come in sporadically, something about a virus in China. You pay small attention. You hear that it is spreading fast and the US is getting involved. That doesn’t sound too good, but you’re safe in the US.   The news worsens and you find out that people are panicking and people are dying. Not good, but its over there! Then you hear about a confirmed case in the US. You know what could happen, you want to be prepared. So what do you do? Stock up on supplies, make sure you have some weapons handy to stop the looters. But these aren’t any ordinary looters and this is no ordinary disease….

Please join the Horror Book Club on Wednesday, Sept 10th when we will be discussing Day by Day Armageddon by JL Bourne. We will be meeting in our 2nd floor board room at 7pm. Copies of the book can be picked up at the third floor reference desk or call Christine at ext. 4173. Goodies will be provided.  Hope to see you there!




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