Check out a Nook from the library today!

Don’t have your own e-reader? No problem! The library now has Nooks available for checkout! Titles on the adult Nooks include classics and current best-sellers, so you’re sure to find your next great read!

How do you check out a Nook, you ask?

It only takes 3 easy steps!

1. You must have a Fountaindale Public Library District card in good standing.

library card clip art

2. SMILE! Have your picture taken at the 1st Floor Information Desk and added to your account, if you haven’t done so already.


3.Read and sign a waiver at the 3rd floor service desk that outlines the rules for checking out a Nook. You’ll have an extra copy to keep for yourself (Note: To check out a Nook for a child or teen, see the Children’s or Vortex desks for waivers to be signed by child/teen and parent or guardian).


You’re now ready to check out a Nook! If this is your first time using one, the librarian at the 3rd floor service desk would be happy to show you how to use it. Because they have been so popular, they might all be checked out when you visit us. If that’s the case, you can ask the librarian to place one on hold for you and we will contact you when it is available for pick up! Just be sure to get the dummy case from the 1st floor hold shelf and bring that upstairs to swap for the real Nook.

Happy reading!



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