January Horror Book Club

floating-staircase- Writer Travis Glasgow and his wife  buy their first house in the seemingly idyllic western Maryland town of Westlake. At first, everything seems great—from the beautiful lake behind the house to the rebirth of the friendship between Travis and his brother, Adam, who lives nearby. Travis also begins to overcome the darkness of his childhood and the guilt he’s harbored since his younger brother’s death. Soon, though, strange things start to happen. Noises wake Travis at night, things move around with no one touching them… Strangest of all is the bizarre set of wooden stairs that rises cryptically out of the lake behind the house. Travis is drawn to the structure, but the more he investigates, the more he uncovers the house’s violent and tragic past, and learns that some secrets cannot be buried forever.

Please join us in our board room on Wednesday, January 8th at 7pm for our monthly meeting of the Horror Book Club when we will discuss Floating Staircase by Ronald Malfi. Copies of the book are available at the third floor desk. Goodies will be provided. If you have any questions, please call 630-685-4173.

— Christine

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