November Horror Book Club: Best of Friends…..

Tobydweller was just a boy the first time he saw the creature in the woods.  What was it? He wasn’t sure.  His parents were sure it was only his imagination.  Toby forgot about him. Soon  Toby, now an unhappy teenager without friends sees the creature again. But this time the creature would be his friend. Toby would have someone to talk to.  He needed to have someone to talk to. And his new friend would take care of the bullies who are making Toby’s life difficult.  Maybe now, they would leave him alone. After all, the creature needed to eat.  Its the start of a long friendship….. best friends always…..

Join us on Wednesday, November 13th at 7pm in our Board Room for the meeting of the Horror Book Club, where we will discuss Dweller by Jeff Strand. If you would like a copy of the book, please stop at our third floor information desk or call 630-685-4173. Goodies will be provided.

– Christine


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