Horror Book Club For February: Beware the Woods.

After the death of his wife, Nicholas Close  becomes haunted by ghosts repeating their final  moments. Of course, only Nicholas can see them. Alone and afraid, he returns to his childhood home, but instead of finding comfort, he sees the ghost of a childhood playmate replay the murder that almost took Nicholas’s life instead. Now, another child from the neighborhood has gone missing. Nicholas is the only one who knows that she has also died in the woods just like his friend. He keeps seeing it replayed over and over. There is an evil presence in the woods, attempting to reassert a balance that was upset when Nicholas escaped death. What is he going to do?

Please join us on Wednesday, February 8th at 7pm, for the meeting of the Fountaindale Horror Book club, where we will be discussing “The Dead Path” by Stephen Irwin. Copies of the book are available at the 3rd floor Information Desk. If you have questions, please call 630-685-4173. Goodies will be provided!



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