What I’m Reading – Lynnette

A patron came in the other day and recommended an author for me to try. I usually read suspense/thrillers (James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, Jeff Lindsay – gotta love Dexter) but I decided to give Barbara Allan’s cozy mystery Trash and Treasures series a try. I started reading Antiques Roadkill on my Nook, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The book takes place in a fictional town west of Chicago just across the Mississippi River and former “Pearl Button Capital of the World.”  Brandy (named after the song – go ahead try to stop singing it now that it is in your head) is recently divorced, and has to move back in with her mother who sometimes goes on “medication vacations.” Her ex-husband pays her alimony all in pennies (which thrills her mother), her sister Peggy Sue (now try to stop singing that song) disapproves of everything that Brandy does, her mother is bamboozled into selling off the family antiques, and – to top it off after Brandy threatens the antiques dealer, she drives to his farm to “rescue” the antiques and finds him dead in the driveway.

Her mother confesses to the crime, and that starts us off on a merry chase to discover the real killer. I hope that you enjoy reading this book, and if you do (or don’t) drop me a line!

The book can be checked out or placed on hold at the Fountaindale Public Library.


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