What’s New in Zombie Fiction!

Zombies continue to be a popular subject in fiction.  There are several recent releases that are just begging to be read, as well as some older books that you might not be aware of.

“Zombie Ohio: a Tale of the Undead” by Scott Kenemore tells the story of Peter Mellor, who wakes up after a car accident feeling a bit odd. It takes him awhile to finally figure out why…. he is a zombie! Unlike your mindless flesh hungry type, he can actually talk,  think and reason. This book has plenty of gore, brain eating and even a nice little mystery!

An older title with an initially limited release, “The First Days: As the World Dies” by Rhiannon Frater is now rereleased to a wider audience. And with good reason. This book is great. It follows two ordinary (yet considering how they fight, extraordinary) women whose lives are changed by a zombie apocalypse. Also read the sequel “Fighting to Survive” and being released in 2012 the third book, “Seige”.

Allison Hewitt, graduate student and bookstore employee, is having a bad day. One of her regular customers has just had their head bitten off. Oh oh. “Allison Hewitt is Trapped” is Madeleine Roux’s debut novel about zombies, bookstores and blogs. Very effective and very fun! Of course there is gore! Look for Madeleine’s second effort “Sadie Walker is Stranded” to be released next year.

“Warm Bodies” by Isaac Marion is the story of R, a young man who is a zombie. Follow him as he goes through a world decimated by war, social collapse and of course a zombie apocalypse. He can’t talk, he has no memories, but he wants more than mindless munching and shuffling around for his existence.

Kim Paffenroth has written and edited several zombies stories and collections. His latest book “Dying to Live” Last Rites” is the third in his Dying to live trilogy. It tells the story of  survivors as well as 2 zombies fighting to maintain control, as they try to trust and understand each other.  The first two books are “Dying to Live” and “Dying to Live: Life Sentence”

And for some down to earth gory zombie reading, there is “Flesh Eaters” by Joe McKinney, the follow-up to his books “Dead City” and “Apocalypse of the Dead” .  Survivors crowd roof tops as the zombies down below circle like hungry sharks awaiting their prey.  Despite trying to maintain some semblance of order, civilization breaks down and what follows can only be described as a “feeding frenzy”!!

These are just a few of the new gory brain-munching titles out now! Enjoy!



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