What I’m Reading – Lynnette

I’m reading Graveyard Games by Sheri Leigh. The story is about Dusty, a 20 something from a small town in Michigan. While  suspended from the Chicago Police Department, Dusty finds out that her twin brother Nick was found dead in the cemetery – mauled by something. She goes back to her childhood home to attend the funeral and discovers her brother wasn’t the first victim…. or the last. Dusty decides to find out what–or who–has killed her brother, so she moves in temporarily with her father and stepmother, takes a job in a local bar, and starts asking questions. What happened the night her brother was killed in the cemetery? She’s sure her brother’s best friend Shane knows something and Dusty is determined to find out what it is, one way or another.

Sheri Leigh is from the Midwest, and her books are available as both a book and an eBook on Barnes and Noble and Amazon and of course the Fountaindale Library (on order).

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