The First Queens of England

I love Tudor history, have loved it since I was a teenager. And this love includes reading everything on Elizabeth I. I had read “The Boleyn Wife” by Brandy Purdy and really enjoyed it. So when I saw she had a new book coming out on Elizabeth and her sister Mary, I couldn’t wait to read it. As soon as I could, I ran out and bought “The Tudor Throne” and read it in two days. Each chapter is told from the point of view of each sister from the time of their father’s death until Elizabeth begins her reign. We read along as Mary begins a  descent into paranoia and obsession while showing Elizabeth’s rise to greatness.  Each sister faces great peril in their journeys to the throne, Mary comes out the worse for it and Elizabeth the better.  I felt so sorry for Mary and her great “love” for her Spanish husband, Phillip… I didn’t know whether to to hug her or throttle her. He was such a pompous jerk!And their were moments I just smiled at how wise and intelligent Elizabeth was! No wonder she became “Glorianna”!

This book does have its racy moments, so be forewarned, but it is such a fantastic and engrossing read that a Tudor fan should not miss it. I rate it a ten out of ten. I’m sure the author took poetic license, but she really captured the essence of these women.  As I mentioned I loved Brandy’s previous Tudor book and I do hope she writes another. And another, and another……

-Christine J.

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