Alan Jacobson’s 7th Victim

I really enjoyed this book. I downloaded it to my Nook, and read several chapters each night. I thought that it was very suspenseful, and a great thriller. For those who do not like a lot of swearing and sex in their books, then this book is for you. However, there is some gore involved (after all, it is a book about a serial killer).

A bit about the book… Karen Vail is an FBI profiler. In fact she likens her job to the show “Criminal Minds.” Karen is part of a combined task force out to stop a serial killer dubbed “Dead Eyes.” Her ex-husband is a manipulating, abusive person to both her and her son(I was hoping that the serial killer would turn out to be him so he would be out of her life forever). While dealing with a serial killer that she always seems to be one step behind, a lot of drama in her personal life, and people on the task force that do not believe in profiling, Karen Vail gets the “bad guy” and still finds time for romance.


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