Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! No!!!!!!

The book, Snow” by Ronald Malfi, starts with a usual winter scenario…. being snowed in at the airport, in this case O’Hare.  Todd Curry is a divorced father desperate to make it out to see his son whom he promised to visit  for Christmas. When all the flights are canceled, he rents a car and is accompanied by a woman named Kate and an elderly couple. Things happen… it is a snowstorm after all. After an odd and somewhat “chilling” encounter with a stranger…. they end up stranded in an abandoned small town were something very odd is going on.  Cell phones won’t work, cars are dead and doors are locked…. what is going on? And is it really abandoned?

What follows is one of the most original horror books I have read in sometime. As for the “monster”, it was nothing I had seen before. Malfi doesn’t go to great lengths to explain it. He doesn’t need to. Sometimes you don’t have to know everything. This makes for an even creepier read!  The writing is top-notch, the characters well-rounded (you won’t root for them to get killed!) and it will definitely make you think twice come winter.  It was an easy book to get completely wrapped up in, I read it in two days. Malfi is a writer to watch. I look forward to his next book “Floating Staircase” due out this month.

The Fountaindale Public Library in Bolingbrook does own a copy of the book. There are also several copies in our PrairieCat catalog. Happy (and scary) reading!



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