Meet Miss Essie!

Essie Spreckelmeyer isn’t your usual woman. The daughter of an oil baron, Essie loves to ride her bicycle (Pegasus, Peg for short), slide down banisters, catch snakes, fish and wear outrageous hats and scandal upon scandal wear bloomers!  Unfortunately, this hasn’t endeared her to the men  in Corsicana, Texas, so by 1894 standards, 29-year-old Essie is a spinster. Welcome to the book, Courting Trouble by Deeane Gist. Courting Trouble tells the story of how Essie decides that  if God won’t send her a husband, she is going to find one on her own! She writes out a list of the town’s eligible bachelors, with pros and cons of course, and is on her way!  What follows is an endearing,  funny, sometimes sad but ultimately uplifting story of a woman who learns that it is okay to be herself and be by herself. I adored Essie, she is perhaps one of my favorite characters ever. I loved her joy for living, her spontaneity and her brains!

There is a sequel, Deep in the Heart of Trouble, that is as delightful as the first book, but I don’t want to spoil Essie’s fate. Let’s just say, Essie continues in her outrageous ways and puts a smile on your face!

-Christine J.


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