Something Really Bad Is Going On Here….

Brian Keene is one of my favorite authors. He wrote my all time favorite zombie series as well as several other “non-zombie” horror. I recently got a copy of his latest,  “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and after my husband raved about it, I couldn’t wait to get started on it. The premise is similar to the Stephen King short story “The Mist”, the characters in Darkness even refer to it at one point, but leave it to Brian Keene to go one step further in showing the madness and evil that the darkness actually is. This ain’t no winged monster story.

Darkness opens with our lead character, Robbie, writing after the fact of the darkness that has fallen his town of Walden and the events that followed the occurence.  Robbie is an average guy who lives with his girlfriend. One morning they wake up to utter and complete darkness. There is no power, no phone, no cell service even ham radios aren’t working.  At first, people in town try to go about their daily business, some leave town for work or other business never to return. The Fire Department hopes to have the situation in control. But an evil permeates the town, quickly turning the minds of average townspeople into crazed killers. The town homeless man “Dez” claims to have kept the evil “darkness” from invading the town, by placing  ancient symbols at the edges of the town limits. Is Dez a madman or is he so much more? And what is the darkness? A government experiment gone wrong? Terrorists? Or something more evil and infinitely more final.

What I enjoy about Brian Keene’s work is that his “universe” exists in itself. Characters, demons or whatever you want to call the evil, run through his books regardless if it is zombies  or inbred mutants ….  everything is connected in the grand scope of things. However, you do not need to read all his books to know what is going on, but it is fun to say,  “I remember that creature!”.

The Fountaindale Public Library owns a copy of the book as well as several others by Brian Keene. You can also visit his website at for more on him and his work. Be forewarned, Mr. Keene’s books are not for the squeamish, they have their moments. But if you enjoy good, gory horror, Mr. Keene is your man!

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