Way Out in the Old West….

Sixteen Brides is the newest release from inspirational fiction author and Southern Illinois native, Stephanie Grace Whitson. I had read the synopsis of the book, and having read several “mail order bride” books, was intrigued. This book was charming, witty, moving and a really good read.  Sixteen Brides is about a group of sixteen Civil War widows from St. Louis who are lured to Nebraska, with the promise of each being able to homestead their own land. Little do they know they are actually being sent off as mail order brides. Rebellion ensues as a fraction of the women decide they want to control their own destiny and gosh darnit!,  they are going to homestead! I was worried that with multiple characters, I would get mixed up as to who was who, but that didn’t happen. This book is so well written, every character instantly memorable.  I especially liked that as the story progressed, the past lives of the widows, as well as the townspeople, are revealed bit by bit.  “Don’t judge a book by its cover” as the saying goes. …. There are touching scenes, funny scenes and coming of age stories…. read this book, you won’t be disappointed!  This is the first book I have read by Stephanie Grace Whitson and it won’t be my last.

The Fountaindale Public Library does own a copy of this book as well as several others by this author.


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