Stephanie Plum – The Movie

Yes it is true! In the works is a movie based on Janet Evanovich’s enormously popular series starring Stephanie Plum. Several weeks ago, Janet Evanovich announced that Katherine Heigl will be starring in the new “One for the Money” movie.  Over the years, several actresses’ names have been linked to the movie, but Katherine Heigl has been announced as the one cast for the role of Stephanie Plum.

On Janet’s facebook page, she has a poll of which actor you would like to see cast as Sally Sweet. So far, Russell Brand is in the lead with 21% of the votes. While you are there, you can also vote on who should play the other characters in the books like Grandma Mazur, Ranger, Joe Morelli, Lula, and others.

New to the Stephanie Plum books and don’t know who’s who? I have compiled a list of the principle characters:

Stephanie Plum – Inept (but gutsy) bounty hunter, former lingerie buyer, and never gives up trying to capture the person she is after.

Joseph Morelli
– The bad boy your mother warned you about, now grown up to be a good cop, Stephanie’s first love.

Grandma Mazur – Stephanie’s ancient, yet spry grandmother. Fascinated by weapons, adventure, spandex, attending wakes, and younger men.

Frank Plum – Stephanie’s father, often the victim of Grandma Mazur’s fascination with weapons.

Helen Plum – Stephanie’s long-suffering mother, she can’t figure out why Stephanie can’t seem to live a normal life.

Joyce Barnhardt – Home wrecker who slept with Stephanie’s (now ex) husband.

– Stephanie’s hamster. Trusted companion and confidant.

Vincent “Vinnie” Plum
– Stephanie’s sleazy cousin, who runs Vincent Plum Bail Bonding Company. Rumored to enjoy goats (too much).

Connie Rosolli
– Vinnie’s receptionist. Quintessential Italian Jersey girl.

– Bounty hunter extraordinaire. Trusts very few people and man of a few words, Ranger is always coming to Stephanie’s rescue.

Valerie – Stephanie’s perfect sister.

– Heavyweight prostitute, fond of fast food, animal prints, loud colors, and spandex (what little of it she wears).

If this sounds like the kind of fun and quirky mystery that you would like to read, come to the Fountaindale Public Library and check them out today!  Place a hold (or call us at 630-759-2102 Ext. 4203) if the books are not in. They are available in regular and large print.

– Julie


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