Book to Film adaptions and Push

In the recent months, I’ve read books that have been adapted to film.  I don’t normally do this because I end up enjoying the book more than the movie.   It seems like book  to movie adaptions have been popular lately.  Let’s see there was the Reader, Revolutionary Road, Angels and Demons, the Time Traveler’s Wife,  My Sister’s Keeper…I could go on.

I picked up Push by Sapphire last week not because I was necessarily interested but I saw a commercial for the film version, renamed Precious and noticed that Mariah Carey was going to be in it.  Really?  Did she not learn from her experience in Glitter?  Anyway, I started reading and was surprisingly sucked in.

Nothing about the plot is pretty.  In fact, it’s harsh and sometimes hard to read.  Precious, the main character is 16 years-old, illiterate and pregnant…with her 2nd child.  Did I mention that the father of these children is her own father?  While she struggles to recover from the rape, incest and abuse from her mother, she is determined to earn her GED and make a life for herself and her kids.

I think what attracts the reader her is Sapphire’s unique writing style.  Through Precious, Sapphire is able to tell a story through the eyes of a young teen who cannot read and often misspells words and sounds.  She does it so cleverly that the reader is not confused but instead wants to continue and follow Precious’ journey with her.

I would definitely recommend this book.  But keep in mind, this by no means is a gentle read.  So, if you’re looking for a compelling and gritty coming of age story, definitely pick up a copy.

Or you can watch the movie which is now in theaters and has earned 3 golden globe nominations. 

Maureen G.

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